4th Keynote added to BSAVA Virtual Congress

19 March 2021

Derek Mills, the public speaker, mentor, business guru and author, has been announced as the 4th keynote at BSAVA Virtual Congress 25th– 27th March 2021.He will be sharing his life experiences, challenges and setbacks, to show a different route to achieving success and fulfilment in all aspects of life.

Describing himself as a failure for much of his business career, Derek turned his life and business around with the development of unique guiding principles. He is a financial advisor and wealth manager and has spoken for and worked with a number of FTSE100 companies, business owners, entrepreneurs and global organisations. He is the author of ‘The 10 Second Philosophy®’ published by Hay House and is the creator and power behind DailyStandards.com, through which he shares his philosophy for living.

Derek will be speaking about living as a whole person and how being one’s True Self is crucial to success in business and life. He will also share some ‘practical philosophy’ about how to utilise Daily Standards to improve the experience of being in business.

He said: “I feel a special connection to the veterinary world because of the people I have met in the profession and because my daughter is about to embark on a veterinary career, which makes it very personal.”

“As a profession we tend to hold ourselves to very discerning standards,” said BSAVA President Professor Ian Ramsey. “High levels of burn out and numbers leaving the profession early may be in part linked to a desire for perfectionism as well as a fixed mindset. We are delighted to welcome Derek as a keynote and have much to learn from him; not least on the difference between goal setting and daily standards, and the transformational effect this can have on many aspects of our lives.”

Derek Mills will give his keynote speech at BSAVA Congress on the Friday lunchtime and will be available to answer questions afterwards. The entire recording will then be replayed on the Saturday. He joins three other keynotes at the event: Lucy Cooke, Dr Ranj and Jenny Campbell.

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There will also be a range of training initiatives through multi-media resources and tailored visits to the virtual exhibition. Health and wellbeing sessions have been woven into the daily experience too, together with creative socials including virtual tastings, discos, live music and cocktail classes, for a balance of learning, relaxation and party time.

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