Assessment of hypercoagulability in dogs with ischaemic cerebrovascular infarcts

This prospective clinical research study aims to investigate platelet aggregation and coagulation status in dogs with ischaemic cerebrovascular infarct (CVI)/ ischaemic stroke to gain information on the underlying pathophysiology. Enrolled cases will undergo assessment of coagulation status and would also be entitled to two follow-up visits (either in-person or remotely) at the study institution.

Dogs which are diagnosed with CVI tend to have a peracute/acute onset of clinical signs which are localised to the brain and non-progressive beyond 48 hours. Should any dogs present with these clinical features we would welcome referral to the QMHA with the hope of including them in the study, as we are hoping to boost case numbers.

Please get in touch via if you think you may have a suitable case or require any further information on the study.