What is a gift in a will?
Also known as a legacy, a gift in a will is a way of leaving something to a person or group upon your passing. There are many different ways this can be done such as leaving money, gifts, or part of your estate.

What does it mean to leave a legacy?
Leaving a legacy could be the way you are remembered by others or make an impact on your community.

Can I fund a specific research project using my legacy gift?
We encourage gifts to be left to BSAVA PetSavers’ ‘general charitable purposes’ to give us the flexibility to apply your donation to the pet care research area of greatest need. However, there are some specific health areas you can contribute to should you wish, these include:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
  • Neurological disease and pain management
  • Infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance
  • Skeletal, muscular and joint disorders
  • Skin disease
  • Gastrointestinal, dental and endocrine diseases

I’ve already made a will, is it too late to leave a gift?
If you have already made a will, it is easy to add a codicil (a document that adds to or alters a will) leaving a gift to us. Your solicitor can draw this up for you or you can use the template provided here. It is signed in the same manner as a will and placed with this document.

When should I update my will?
If you already have a will in place, it is important to keep it up to date if your circumstances change such as if you get married or have children.

Inheritance tax
Gifts to charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax and, accordingly, they can reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax due on your estate. Please visit the HM Revenue & Customs website for more information.

Should I tell you if I’ve left you a gift in my will?
We understand that making a will is an extremely personal decision. However, it would really help us to plan our future if you feel able to tell us what you are intending. If you can, please let us know of your plans by filling out our notification form and sending it to us via email at petsaversadmin@bsava.com.

I have additional questions.
If you require more information, please email petsaversadmin@bsava.com and our team will do their best to help. For legal advice, we recommend that you consult a solicitor or legal professional.