Payroll giving, also known as Give As You Earn, is an easy, tax-efficient way to make a regular donation. You donate straight from your salary, without having to give any bank details, and because it comes out of your gross pay (before tax) it costs you at least 25% less.

Anyone who pays UK tax through PAYE can donate through payroll giving.

Why should I donate this way?

  • It’s easy to do
  • It’s private as you don’t need to send bank or card details
  • It’s flexible as you can change or stop your donation at any time
  • It’s the only way to give that allows full tax relief on donations.

How do I donate?

Ask your employer if your company offers payroll giving. If they do, they can arrange your donation through your salary for you.

If not, you can write to them and encourage them to set one up. To set up a payroll giving scheme, your organisation will need to register with an approved payroll giving agency.

It’s simple to change or cancel your donation at any time, just by telling your employer. If you change jobs, your donations will not be transferred to your new employer, so you will need to start a new payroll giving scheme with them.

How much can I donate?

This is entirely up to you; there is no minimum or maximum amount. Don’t forget, because your donation comes out of your gross salary it costs you even less!

So if you donate £5, as a basic rate tax payer you’ll only pay £4, and as a higher rate tax payer you’ll pay only £3! The income tax applicable to the donation is paid to BSAVA PetSavers instead of HMRC.

Example donations and costs to you as the donor:

Your donation Cost to basic rate tax payer (20%) Cost to higher rate tax payer (40%)
£5 per month £4 £3
£10 per month £8 £6
£25 per month £20 £15