Applications for most PetSavers grants undergo peer review by external reviewers who are experts in their field. Their insights and understanding are invaluable in helping our grant awarding committee make important funding decisions, ensuring only the very best projects receive PetSavers grants.

We are indebted to them all.


Reviewers of 2022

Julien Bazelle, Davies Vets

Marge Chandler, Moorview Referrals

Louise Clark, Davies Vets

Christian Dancker, Freie Universitat Berlin

Jane Dobson, Cambridge University

Paul Freeman, Cambridge University

Federico Fracassi, University of Bologna

Andrew Gardiner, Edinburgh University

Emma Gerrard, Hafren Veterinary Group, Powys

Liza Gershony, University of California, Davis

Barbara Glanemann, RVC

Rodrigo Gutierrez-Quintana, Glasgow University

Ed Hall, Bristol University

Hannah Hodgkiss-Geere, Liverpool University

Katja Hoglund, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Steve Howard, PDSA

Rosanne Jepson, RVC

David Main, Royal Agricultural University

Richard Malik, University of Sydney

Yolanda Martinez-Pereira, Edinburgh University

Sara Meazzi, Milan University

Richard Mellanby, Edinburgh University

Liz Mossop, Lincoln University

Sue Murphy, Edinburgh University

Lorella Notari, RSPCA

Rowena Packer, RVC

Simon Platt, CVS Referrals

Amy Poole, Edinburgh Napier University

Jessica Quimby, Ohio State University

Alan Radford, Liverpool University

Vanessa Schmidt, Liverpool University

Christopher Scudder, Southfields Veterinary Specialists

Severine Tasker, Bristol University

Claire Wade, University of Sydney

Corrin Wallis, WALTHAM Petcare Science Institute

Annette Wessmann, Scarsdale Vets

Alison Wills, Hartpury University

Alison Young, RVC