Volunteering opportunities with BSAVA

5 July 2017

Whilst the Association has a core of permanent staff based at its Headquarters in Gloucester, it could not function without its volunteer community.  Volunteers help in all areas of the Association and at all levels, some taking on Trustee / Director roles as they progress.  We are always delighted to hear from any potential volunteers about areas that they would be interested in contributing, alongside like-minded colleagues.

We are currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Trustee and Director posts

There are currently 2 Trustee / Director positions available: Honorary Secretary and PetSavers Management Chair. Both roles will commence in April 2018 and we invite applications from within the current volunteer core. The proposed Honorary Secretary will have the opportunity to attend some Officer meetings throughout the year and undergo identified training in the months prior to joining the Officer team.  The PetSavers Management Chair would need to join the committee as soon as they are appointed to shadow the current post holder, this will give them an opportunity of learning about the remit of the committee, enabling them to take over as Chair in April 2018 for a 3 year term, renewed annually at the AGM.

The deadline to apply for the Honorary Secretary role is 14th July.  The deadline to apply for the PetSavers Management Chair position is 28th July.

Volunteer posts

Currently there is one further vacancy within the volunteer core, for a Regional Representative, the appointed person would join a Regional Support Team, put in place to add additional support for the 12 BSAVA regions and to hold a Trustee/Director role on the BSAVA Council.  This post is currently vacant and a successful applicant would be afforded opportunities to learn about the role and the Association before being ratified at the Associations AGM in April 2018.

How to apply

For further information on time commitment, training, rewards and how to apply, current volunteers can log in to the website and go to the volunteer area within MyBSAVA.  You will find all information under ‘useful downloads’ and ‘current Trustee / Director and Volunteer opportunities’.

If you have any questions, please contact Carole Haile, Volunteer Manager on 01452 726700 or volunteer@bsava.com