Ukrainian Pets: Call for Veterinary Supervisors for Temporary Isolation Facilities

1 April 2022

It is anticipated that an increasing number of Ukrainian refugees will arrive in the UK over the coming weeks and many may have pets that might need to be quarantined. Defra is currently exploring what additional facilities may be available to house pets under these exceptional circumstances.

Facilities housing animals for quarantine are required to have veterinary supervision in place. To facilitate provision of such housing, Defra is asking vets if they would be willing and able to undertake veterinary supervision of temporary isolation facilities (potentially in homes).

Defra is currently scoping out options and considering what standards need to be met for this specific set of circumstances. For example, these facilities could be used to house animals towards the end of the rabies risk management process – in effect, to complete the three month wait period following a blood test confirming their immunity.

The veterinary supervision role would involve visiting the site to assess the premises and ensure that it meets the required standards, a phone call once per week to confirm that there are no problems, being available for any calls from the owner flagging concerns, and potentially visiting the site to assess an animal where concerns are raised.

Any vets in practice who are interested are asked to respond to with their location, availability (hours per week), cost per hour, and whether or not they have been vaccinated against rabies. Defra will then contact individuals once they have considered returns.