Review of Southern Region Avian CPD Evening

3 October 2016

Southern Region welcomed John Chitty, BSAVA’s Vice President to an evening meeting early last month in Ampfield, Hampshire. The topic was avian anaesthesia and post op management. The Southern Region committee were very grateful to VetArk for sponsoring the evening, and Peter Scott, the founder, came along. Peter was able to make valuable contributions to the discussions.

John Chitty showed delegates his approach to avian anaesthesia and made it a very interactive session.  Delegates learned that since the advent of isoflurane, anaesthesia in birds has become relatively safe, given sensible precautions and careful monitoring. Often anaesthesia is safer for the bird than the stress of examination or investigative techniques.

Post-op management and hospitalisation of birds is equally important for their wellbeing. John shared a wealth of advice on how to easily adapt veterinary practices to house avian patients. There was also advice on disease control both between patients and between patients and staff. Delegates enjoyed an informative and entertaining evening and the feedback was universally positive.

Carl Gorman