New series of BSAVA Client Information Leaflets on Reptile Care and Welfare

3 April 2024

The BSAVA has released a number of new Client Information Leaflets (CILs) which focus on promoting optimal care and welfare for reptile species most commonly kept in the UK. Veterinarians can download and print the CILs from the BSAVA Library and provide these resources to clients who are thinking about taking on the care of a reptile companion.

Data for 2023 from UK Pet Food research found that around 5% of UK households own a reptile, up from 3.4% in 2022. With reptile ownership showing an increasing trend, it is vital that would-be owners have a thorough understanding of the care and welfare needs of their pets.

The Reptile Series has been created using key information from the BSAVA Manual of Reptiles, covering areas such as housing, feeding, handling, medication and spotting health concerns. The CILs present key information in a clear, accessible way so that potential owners receive a broad range of information to support their decision making when it comes to taking on the responsibilities of a reptile.

Initially, CILs for the following reptiles are included in the series:

  • Bearded dragons
  • Crested geckos
  • Leopard geckos
  • Iguanas
  • Snakes
  • Tortoises
  • Terrapins

The latter CIL on terrapins explains that these animals are now designated as an invasive species and cannot be obtained legally in the UK or EU. Therefore, this CIL provides important care and welfare information for those owners who already have red- or yellow- eared slider terrapins.

Certain species of reptile can be notoriously difficult to look after and it is crucial that people looking to take on a reptile do so with a full understanding of what it takes to provide them with a captive life in which they can thrive. Our new Reptile CILs are an easily accessible resource for vets to provide clients to help them provide these excellent care standards.

Access to the Reptile Series as well as our other client leaflets is available through the BSAVA Library and is free for BSAVA members. Subscription access for 12 months to BSAVA’s collection of over 170 CILs is available to non-members for £40+VAT here.