Microchipping Certificates of Exemption now available

29 March 2016

We have now received copies of the microchipping “Certificates of Exemption&” from Defra and the Welsh Government.

The advice we have received is that the Defra certificate should only be used by vets in England.

The Scottish Government do not currently have a specific certificate, and have said “that it is a vet that certifies the dog should not be microchipped for reasons of its health, and that a certificate issued should state the period for which a dog will be unfit to be microchipped. A letter on headed notepaper signed by a vet would be sufficient&”.

Although it is not a requirement on the certificate, the BSAVA would like to encourage vets to include the reason for exemption on the certificate.

Further information on the requirements under the compulsory microchipping regulations can be found here :