COVID-19 and pets: Update

23 March 2020

The Hong Kong Government (AFCD) has issued an update on COVID-19 and pets to advise that another pet dog in the Region has repeatedly tested positive for COVID-19. This follows the positive test results for a 17 year old Pomeranian dog whose owner was confirmed as COVID-19 positive.

The most recent case involves a German Shepherd Dog whose owner was confirmed as COVID-19 positive. The dog has been quarantined along with another dog from the same residence who has tested negative for COVID-19. Neither dog has shown any signs of illness. AFCD will carry out further tests and continue to monitor the dogs.

WSAVA has issued information on the cases in Hong Kong which is available here and has also updated its COVID-19 advice, available here. Please remember WSAVA is a global organisation and as circumstances will differ in individual countries, not all of its information will be applicable to the UK situation.

Our current understanding is that there is no evidence of COVID-19 circulating in pets in the UK and there is nothing to suggest pets may transmit the disease to humans, therefore there should be no reason for owners to be concerned or abandon their pets.

Previous BSAVA news on this topic is available here.

Please visit our dedicated BSAVA webpage for regular updates on COVID-19.