BVNA extend ‘Protect the Title’ survey until 31st December 2022

11 November 2022

The British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) have recently launched a survey to gather information to support their campaign for statutory protection of the title ‘veterinary nurse’.  There has been a strong level of support so far, but to give members of the veterinary profession and the public as much opportunity as possible to respond, the survey has now been extended up until the end of 2022.

The survey will gather information on how veterinary professionals feel about the title not being protected, and how this may impact them in their work – themselves, their patients, and pet owners.  It will also provide more detail on the current understanding of the role of the veterinary nurse amongst the general public, and how they feel about the potential use of unqualified staff.  Veterinary practices are also encouraged to share this survey aimed at the public amongst their clients.

The BVNA are supported in their ‘Protect the Title’ campaign by the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).  Representatives from each of these bodies will be delivering an online panel discussion on Wednesday 16th November, hosted by BVNA. This session will provide delegates with the opportunity to ask questions about the campaign, and gain an insight into the process of legislative change.

BVNA President, Charlotte Pace comments: “As the new President of BVNA, I believe it is important to continue to support BVNA’s Protect the Title campaign. It is time that veterinary nurses are recognised for the important job they do, and the training they have undergone. The formal training that veterinary nurses are required to undertake provides the profession with standards to work to, and provides a framework for animal welfare. It also educates on important subjects such as One Health, because animal welfare and public health go hand in hand.

This campaign will take time, but our voices are being heard. On 25th October and 2nd November, BVNA were invited to the Houses of Parliament  by the BVA to discuss with politicians and Lords the wider changes that need to be made to current legislation, including protection of the title ‘veterinary nurse’.

To make protecting the title a realistic achievement, we need the help of the veterinary profession as a whole – all stakeholders, including the public.  So far, we have had a strong response to the surveys.  However, to make our argument for change as compelling as possible, we need as much participation as possible – especially from members of the public.  We hope that extending the survey will enable even more people to get behind the campaign”.

The surveys, for both veterinary professionals and the public, will be open until 31st December 2022.  A report of the findings will then be produced and published by BVNA in early 2023, which will also be presented to DEFRA to support the proposal.

To thank survey respondents for their participation, there will be the option to enter into a prize draw for two £25 Amazon vouchers (one for each survey) with winners selected every two weeks throughout the survey period.

The surveys are available at the following links:

For the veterinary profession

For the public

To register for the online panel discussion on Wednesday 16th November, please visit the BVNA website here: