BVA Surveillance Working Group: Final Report and CVOs’ Response

20 August 2018

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) have now published their final report from the BVA Surveillance Working Group which included BSAVA representation.

The report on veterinary scanning surveillance calls on the UK Government and other key stakeholders to work collaboratively to modernise and optimise existing animal health and disease monitoring networks across species, including companion animals. BSAVA members provided valuable input and received recognition for their participation in a key survey which underpinned results featured in the report. You can access the BVA report here.

The UK CVOs have responded positively to the report in a letter to the Veterinary Record. All four CVOs recognise that surveillance in the UK would benefit from a more coordinated approach in particular with Brexit approaching. Therefore they have established a UK surveillance forum responsible for the oversight of all surveillance undertaken in the UK, including (but not limited to) scanning surveillance. They intend to engage in a series of meetings with the BVA to discuss the report further, particularly with respect to veterinary capability, capacity and skills development; incentivising data sharing; communication strategies; and using innovative and effective surveillance solutions.

The letter from UK CVOs can be accessed here.

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