BSAVA rabbit resources

21 June 2017

Valuable veterinary resources on rabbit medicine and welfare are available from BSAVA, including the importance of companionship which is this year’s theme for Rabbit Awareness Week (18 – 26 June 2016).

Rabbits are an increasingly popular pet choice, seen as intelligent pets that are easy to handle, highly sociable, and suitable for both adults and families with children.

With a significant amount of publicity generated by Rabbit Awareness Week, practices may see more rabbit-related enquiries and the BSAVA can help vets and VNs improve the quality of life of pet rabbits with a range of reliable, practical, scientific and educational tools.

Amongst the resources available for BSAVA members are Client Information Leaflets (CILs) covering a variety of aspects of rabbit welfare. These are available to download, print and give to pet owners as part of their consultation. Topics include introducing a new pet rabbit, feeding, housing, looking after older rabbits and neutering.

BSAVA President Susan Dawson: “The BSAVA exists to promote excellence in small animal practice through education and science, and these resources are instrumental in fulfilling this aim. Of course owning rabbits brings its own rewards and responsibilities and vets are best placed to offer advice and support at an early stage.”

Rabbit resources from BSAVA

The following Client Information Leaflets can be accessed by BSAVA members only. You will need your log in details handy and the rabbit information can be found under ‘Exotics’.

Introducing a new pet rabbit
Feeding your rabbit a healthy diet
Housing your rabbit
Looking after your older rabbit
Should I have my rabbit neutered?

PetSavers Rabbit Guide

BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Medicine

BSAVA Manual of Rabbit Surgery, Dentistry and Imaging

Other useful sources


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