BSAVA publishes vaccination and neutering advice for practice clients during lockdown

24 April 2020

The BSAVA has produced advice for veterinary practice clients as to whether or not pets can be vaccinated or neutered during the COVID-19 crisis. The information has been produced for vets to pass on to their clients easily, in the form of downloadable Q&A PDFs.

Written by BSAVA officers Professor Ian Ramsey and David Godfrey, the information sheets outline what a client should expect when contacting their vet to discuss vaccination or neutering for their pet.

Within the guides they explain why a vet is required to risk-assess each case and apply their professional and clinical judgement when deciding on the best course of action for the client and pet’s individual circumstances whilst keeping in mind government requirements relating to travel and social distancing.

Professor Ian Ramsey, the BSAVA’s vice president, said: “These information sheets should give concerned pet owners the knowledge and reassurance they need about vaccination and neutering protocols during the challenging circumstances of COVID-19 lockdown.”

David Godfrey continued: “We hope these information sheets will help busy practitioners in their communication and support for their clients. As Government guidance continues to evolve, we will update the documents accordingly, to ensure pet owners always have access to the latest information to support the health and welfare of their pets.”

You can find the PDF for the vaccination guide here, and the neutering guide here.

The BSAVA has also produced Guidance for vets on vaccination and neutering.

Further information for vets can be found in the BSAVA’s COVID-19 resources on the BSAVA website here  and the BSAVA’s Toolkit for vets in our ‘BSAVA Resources’ section which is part of our dedicated area for vets in practice here .