BSAVA provides Q&A advice on protecting backyard flocks from avian influenza

27 October 2020

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) has put together a Q&A to help backyard poultry owners protect their birds from avian influenza. The advice comes following the risk of bird flu occurring in the UK being raised to “medium” in wild birds. The risk of bird flu occurring in poultry is considered “low”, provided that there is a good standard of biosecurity.

The information, which has been written for vets to pass onto their clients easily, explains what avian influenza (bird flu) is, how it is spread and how keepers can prevent their birds from contracting it. In addition, the BSAVA has created a collection of resources on backyard poultry keeping and avian influenza which are free until the end of November 2020.

Professor Ian Ramsey, President of the BSAVA said: “The UK is at increased risk of avian influenza over the winter months, owing both to the flight paths of migratory birds and the ability of the virus to survive in the environment in low temperatures. Whilst avian influenza is not currently present in the UK, it is circulating in Europe. It is important that poultry keepers in the UK act now to protect the health of their birds and remain vigilant over the coming months.”

To access the Q&A, click here.

To access the collection, click here.