BSAVA provides advice for puppy socialisation

9 September 2021

BSAVA has put together a Q&A and ‘top 10 tips’ for pet owners to provide advice and information on puppy socialisation as life returns to normal after lockdown.

The information has been made available amid concerns of increased risk to puppy health and welfare due to the soaring demand of puppy buying through the pandemic. Puppy socialisation is a key aspect for young dogs, and missing out on this important period of development could potentially lead to behavioural issues as the dog gets older.

The Q&A, which has been written for vets to pass on to their clients easily, explains what some of the key aspects of socialisation are, both at home and outdoors. The ‘top 10 tips’ are delivered via an eye-catching infographic for easy sharing via social media and highlight some key points pet owners should consider when socialising their puppy. Both resources are freely available. You can download the Q&A here, and the Top 10 Tips here.

Sheldon Middleton, BSAVA President said: “We have seen a surge in puppy ownership during the pandemic when opportunities to meet up were limited, which may have resulted in some puppies missing out on the key socialisation period. This accessible guide gives invaluable support to our members when discussing socialisation with clients.”

In addition, the BSAVA has created a special collection on puppy socialisation, bringing together chapters, podcasts and leaflets covering the reasons behind the socialisation of puppies and how to do it successfully. The collection is freely available to access through the BSAVA Library throughout September.