BSAVA partners with CVS to support the veterinary profession

13 September 2021

In an industry first, BSAVA has partnered with CVS to give all their employees access to a range of the latest  BSAVA Library online resources.

Being at the heart of the small animal veterinary profession, BSAVA understands how important it is for veterinary professionals to have the latest knowledge, resources and references to hand in daily practice.

The three-year library agreement provides CVS employees with seamless 24/7 access to the suite of BSAVA manuals and guide books. With updates automatically added to the collection, CVS’ veterinary professionals can be confident that they are using the most up-to-date resources for providing advice and treatment.

Sarah Fitzpatrick, Head of Partnerships and Events at BSAVA commented: “We’re absolutely delighted to be working in partnership with CVS to support the small animal veterinary profession, through the development and upskilling of veterinary professionals. The BSAVA manuals are a go-to vet resource, and by providing this access to CVS they become even more valuable to the community through their use in practice and in consults.”

Joseph Williams, Veterinary Director for the CVS Small Animal Division continued: “At CVS we are passionate about giving the best possible care to animals. We take our responsibility seriously to help colleagues to do that, investing in training and through the support given via our Hub Clinical Leadership team.  BSAVA manuals have long been a trusted reference point for clinical information in our industry. We’re excited to partner with the BSAVA and now, with access to this great resource, every CVS clinician, whether in the consult room, prep room or on a visit, is now just a couple of clicks away from 46 manuals with over 1400 chapters covering all disciplines from anaesthesia to wildlife casualties.’’

To find out more about CVS, visit the website here.