BSAVA Congress is on the move

4 December 2018

In an exciting development, BSAVA is delighted to announce a move to Manchester Central for their 2021 Congress. The award-winning venue and converted railway station will host Congress 2021 from 25 – 28 March, and will bring a breadth of new delegate and exhibitor experiences for what is the largest and longest running small animal congress in Europe.

BSAVA Congress has been held at the ICC Birmingham for almost three decades, in a variety of formats. 2020 marks its 30th year in the city. The meticulously considered move to Manchester is in tune with the evolving needs of delegates, while the new geographical location means continued good accessibility from the north and the south, supported by a highly effective travel infrastructure.

Angharad Belcher, Head of BSAVA Congress said: “We’ve had a first-class experience in Birmingham, and we could not have asked for more from the venue. We know that 2019 and 2020 will continue to be popular, however, it’s time to move BSAVA Congress forward and revitalise the offering to our delegates and exhibitors by bringing everything into one building. The move to Manchester enables us to invest even more in speakers and delegate experiences, to make BSAVA’s education programme truly unsurpassable.”

Manchester brings a vibrant new feel to BSAVA Congress, while ensuring world class CPD is seamlessly delivered at the heart of the event. As one of the largest convention centres in the UK, the move to Manchester Central will ensure that the exhibition, lectures and demonstrations will be held in the same venue, maximising the use of delegates’ time at Congress.

Combined with wider scope for a varied social programme in city venues, this new approach will create a more efficient, exciting and educational event for vets and vet nurses to equip themselves with enhanced skills to support the wellbeing of the nation’s pets. It takes the entire Congress experience to the next level.

BSAVA President Philip Lhermette said: “It’s very much a new city for a new Congress and celebrations will be in order. Manchester lends itself perfectly to a timely transformation for Congress. We will be completely re-branding the event, modernising the CPD programme and making the best possible use of every minute of every delegate’s time over the full four days. We have been working closely with the city and venue in practical terms to offer a whole suite of options to delegates and exhibitors, from irresistible new socials and extensive accommodation choices, to easy transport routes.”

BSAVA Congress Committee Chair Graeme Eckford continued: “BSAVA Congress is organised by vets and nurses for vets and nurses to deliver the best possible learning environment for our delegates. As a charity and a not for profit organisation, all the money generated through our activities is reinvested in to the veterinary profession to meet our charitable aims. We are excited that the scope of Manchester enables us to continue to build on our considerable strengths, bringing even more science, and an even stronger programme to even more delegates.”

Shaun Hinds, CEO of Manchester Central said: “After getting to know the association and their vision, it was clear that they wanted to transform the experience of their delegates. The ambition of the association matches that of the city and Manchester has the perfect blend of venue and vibrancy to develop the BSAVA Congress of the future. We’re delighted to be welcoming them in 2021 and we’ll work hard with the organisers to create a unique and remarkable experience for their delegates, exhibitors, partners and all visitors.”

Sheona Southern, Managing Director at Marketing Manchester, continued: “We are thrilled and very proud to have been chosen as the host city for BSAVA for their 2021 Congress, which is well-known for being an exceptional event. When such a Congress comes to Manchester we take a lot of pride in welcoming delegates and we look forward to ensuring delegates find that Manchester is not just a convenient place to meet, but also an inspiring and vibrant place to spend time – to eat, stay, relax and network against the backdrop of a thriving culture, heritage and arts offering.”

Congress will continue to flourish in Birmingham in 2019 and 2020 with some exciting new initiatives being introduced next year including a crèche, faster registration and improved eating and seating. 2020 marks BSAVA’s 30th year at Birmingham and some big celebrations are in the pipeline. Further plans on the new venue will be released at a launch event at Congress 2019.

For further reading, see this Q&A with Angharad Belcher, Head of BSAVA Congress.