BSAVA Congress 2022 Reaches across the Globe

22 April 2022

The reach and appeal of the annual BSAVA Congress – our CPD-packed veterinary conference – extended across the globe this year, bringing our international colleagues together to share research and learning. We were delighted to welcome just over 2,500 at the live event in Manchester from 27 countries, and 954 from 48 countries on the virtual platform

Our new hybrid platform (Congress Online) allowed us to share lectures, debates and interactive sessions with the small animal vet community around the world – regardless of their location and time zone. Virtual delegates either joined a live stream or thanks to Congress On Demand they can watch the recordings at a later date.

The BSAVA Congress came to a close at the end of March but much of the content remains available through Congress On Demand until 27th May 2022.

Anyone that missed out, or simply wants to relive the moments they enjoyed most, can sign up to see a wide range of live session recordings, browse online exhibitors and watch tutorials in the wellbeing booth.

Many firsts in Manchester

During his welcome address in Manchester, Sheldon Middleton said: “Congress 2022 represents two firsts for BSAVA. It’s our first hybrid event and, it’s also the first time the event is being held in Manchester.”

“It’s fantastic to be back face-to-face and able to meet each other after the pause of COVID. It’s even more poignant, knowing that we’re able to come to an event such as this when people are fleeing their homes in Ukraine and other conflicts. Freedom and choice are easily taken for granted and conflicts such as this are stark reminders of our privilege.”

Highlights among the recordings

Sessions included a wealth of presentations by some of the profession’s most experienced vets, nurses and practice managers, many of which are still available online, including:

  • Equality and diversity in the veterinary workspace, with a wide range of contributors including Amanda Boag, Angharad Belcher and Liz Barton
  • Management, money matters and how to empower the ‘front line’ reception, with Ernie Ward, Brian Faulkner and Alison Lambert
  • Exotics – no longer the unusual pet – whether rabbits, reptiles or raptors – with lectures from Sonya Miles, Elisabetta Mancinelli and Tariq Abou-Zahr
  • The ‘medicine meets behaviour’ session featured the impact of stress and dietary dangers and dilemmas, with speakers including Sarah Heath, Marge Chandler and Michelle Moran
  • Pain management and anaesthetic complications, with Carl Bradbrook, Jo Michou
  • Keynote lecture on paroxysmal dyskinesia, with Bourgelat award winner and veterinary neurologist Laurent Garosi
  • Not to be missed: the inspirational keynote presentation by blind travel adventurer Amar Latif

These and over 100 other recordings are available online – as are a range of clinical abstracts and posters.

Over 110 lectures for only £223 + VAT

Missed the live dates?

You can still register to access over 80 recorded sessions, clinical abstracts and 30 on-demand lectures, but also catch up on the latest news, products and services from leading industry suppliers. Although the booths at the virtual exhibition will not be manned, you’ll still be able to contact them by email. And don’t miss the Wellbeing Stand, with yoga, baking and flower arrangement classes and more.

All scientific content and the virtual exhibition hall are still accessible to new and existing delegates, through the event platform until 27 May 2022.

For new registrants a reduced congress fee of £223 + VAT for BSAVA* and FECAVA** members and £249+VAT for non-members is available, with reductions for nurses, students, WSAVA members, and non-veterinary practice staff. The BSAVA 2022 congress has been accredited by RACE, New Zealand (NZVA) and Switzerland (SVK/ASMPA).

* You can find more information on how to become a BSAVA member here.
** As FECAVA member, proof of membership of one of FECAVA’s member associations may be required. You can check on the FECAVA website.