BSAVA and SAMSoc release updated PROTECT ME poster

1 December 2023


BSAVA and the Small Animal Medicine Society (SAMSoc) have released an updated PROTECT ME poster, expanded to cover more antibiotic use recommendations.

In the five years since the previous edition of the poster, the European Medicines Agency has released new advice on categorising antibiotics, which the new poster outlines and integrates. One of the key messages underpinning the PROTECT ME initiative is that minimising antibiotic resistance is a justification for use of the prescribing cascade, as supported by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD).

Feedback from vets using the poster was instrumental in creating guidelines that cover conditions commonly seen in practice and address prescribing concerns. For example, comments from the community led to the inclusion of dedicated resources to support medicating cats with first-line oral antibiotics. A team of 55 vets led by Fergus Allerton, including specialists and general practitioners, ensured that the new guidelines have a place in all areas of small animal practice.

Updates to the new poster include:

  • A new section on wounds and surgical site infections
  • Overhauled advice on life-threatening infections and identifying/treating sepsis
  • Expanded advice for owners – the popular non-prescription form now includes a QR code to signpost owners to further information on the threats of antimicrobial resistance and their role in prevention, including a short educational animation.

Fergus Allerton said: “The latest iteration of the PROTECT ME poster incorporates updated information and offers recommendations to support vets to optimise their antibiotic use. I hope this will be a valuable resource for vets in practice.”

The new posters will be distributed with Companion in December. Free printable posters are available from: Printed copies can be purchased from the BSAVA store: BSAVA members are also able to request free printed copies. The online content to accompany the new poster is under review and will be available soon.