BSAVA adds two new webinars to the BSAVA Science Webinar series

16 October 2020

The BSAVA has added two new exciting webinars to its popular BSAVA Science Webinar series. These webinars take a closer look at some of the papers published in the Journal of Small Animal Practice (JSAP). In each webinar, the authors of featured papers discuss the results of their research and the application to clinical practice with a panel.

In the first of the new webinars, JSAP authors Abbe Crawford and Tom Cardy discuss their paper Is there a link between bacteriuria and a reversible encephalopathy in dogs and cats?’. Whilst bacteriuria has been associated with abnormal neurological status in humans, there are no veterinary reports documenting such an association in dogs or cats. The paper reviews 11 clinical cases (seven dogs and four cats), with acute onset neurological deficits that improved promptly on initiation of treatment with antibiosis in combination with IVFT and/or an anticonvulsant (levetiracetam).  You can read the JSAP paper here.

In the second webinar, ‘RHDV2 epidemic in UK rabbits’, JSAP authors Frances and Nigel Harcourt-Brown discuss the papers RHDV2 epidemic in UK pet rabbits. Part 1: Clinical features, gross post mortem and histopathological findings and RHDV2 epidemic in UK pet rabbits. Part 2: PCR results and correlation with vaccination status. Part one reports the clinical features, gross post mortem and histopathological findings of sudden or unexpected death in rabbits during an outbreak of rabbit haemorrhagic disease whilst part two reports PCR results and  vaccination status of rabbits with rabbit haemorrhagic disease following an investigation into sudden or unexpected death.

JSAP is the journal of the BSAVA and also the official scientific journal of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). The journal covers veterinary medicine and surgery relating to dogs, cats and other companion animals. The articles selected for webinar episodes include those that are relevant to primary care practice in addition to those covering topical subject matters.

Both webinars are available now, and are freely available through the BSAVA webinar library. Any authors of papers published in JSAP that are interested in recording a webinar episode should contact