Avian Influenza: Prevention Zone Lifted

25 September 2022

Defra has announced (15/08/220) that the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) for poultry and captive birds, introduced in November 2021 to help stop the spread of avian influenza, will be lifted from mid-day, Tuesday 16th August 2022. The risk of avian influenza has now reduced to low for all poultry.

The UK has faced its largest ever outbreak of bird flu with over 130 cases confirmed across the country since late October 2021.

Whilst the risk in kept birds has reduced, all bird keepers should still follow enhanced measures at all times to prevent the risk of future outbreaks. Scrupulous biosecurity is the most effective method of disease control available. There are there are still localised areas of risk and the UK CVO Christine Middlemiss has advised that it’s vital that everyone keeps biosecurity and cleanliness at the forefront of their minds to keep their flocks safe.

All bird keepers (whether they are pet birds, a commercial farm or just a few birds in a backyard flock) should remain vigilant to help prevent avian influenza

All poultry gatherings, including at fairs, shows and markets, remain banned, due to a large number of flocks mixing together and the risk posed by any infections spreading across the country.

Further information from Defra can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/bird-flu-latest-situation-avian-influenza-prevention-zone-declared-across-great-britain