Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities with BSAVA

The BSAVA could not function without its volunteer community. Volunteers help in all areas of the Association and we are always delighted to hear from potential candidates about areas that are of interest to them. We are currently looking to fill several positions, including Trustee/Director level roles. Full information on the vacancies and how to apply can be found in the links below.  If you would like to have an informal chat about any of the roles or talk to a current volunteer to find out how they feel about volunteering and what they feel they have gained from getting involved please contact the Volunteers Manager on volunteer@bsava.com.

Time commitment

Members of committees are asked to attend meetings, the amount will depend on the relevant committee and post, to be an active participant between meetings on email discussions and to work on any assigned projects and tasks. Appointments are for one year, renewable annually for up to three years but progression through the volunteer structure is encouraged and any training requirements are met through the Volunteer Development Programme.

In exchange for your time 

You will be able to take part in the Volunteer Development Programme, which will provide training that may be useful in your day job and will equip you to progress within the Association, should this interest you in the future. You may also be eligible for complimentary attendance at CPD, complimentary registration for BSAVA Congress and in addition attendance at all committee meetings can be claimed as CPD within your RCVS log. Volunteering also affords you the opportunity to network with like minded peers, often resulting in a catch up with universities friends or making new links within the profession.

Guide to volunteering for BSAVA

Download our handy guide to volunteering for the BSAVA. This will give you some background information on the volunteer structure of the Association and how it collaborates with the permanent members of staff. Download here.

We invite applications for the following Trustee and Volunteer roles:


There are currently no vacancies for volunteers however we are always keen to hear from people who might have an interest in working towards being a Trustee, please email volunteer@bsava.com if you would like to find out more about the development opportunities and possibilities.

Volunteers for Chair Roles

There are currently no vacancies for Chairs of Committees however we are always keen to hear from people who might have an interest in moving into a Chair role in the future, please email volunteer@bsava.com if you would like to find out more about the development opportunities and possibilities.

Microvolunteering Roles

These are opportunities to get involved in two new short term projects and the committee meetings will be mainly virtual. To find out more please contact Carole Haile, Volunteers Manager in the first instance on volunteer@bsava.com.


Hosts for Diagnostic Imaging Rounds series:

The Diagnostic Rounds will be a series of interactive sessions, delivered over a 12 month period and these started in September 2021.  There is a session once a month, usually on the first Monday in every month.  This will be delivered via Zoom and the team are looking for volunteers to host these sessions, this would be a time commitment of 2 hours per session and you would obviously get to attend the session.

We are looking for ‘chatty’ people who are comfortable using zoom webinar, interacting with delegates/monitoring the questions/chat box. They would need to follow the protocol for starting zoom and ensuring that the session is recorded. If you are not comfortable using Zoom, training can be organised for you for you but we know that a lot of you are accomplished Zoom users!


Demonstrators for Postgraduate Certificates

Demonstrators will be expected to be familiar with the procedures that will be taught during that session (will require discussion with the speaker(s) of the course), moving around the room and providing guidance and advice to delegates whilst they practice the procedures on cadavers.  Therefore we feel being a Postgraduate Certificate holder and ideally on the RCVS AP list will equip you to have the skills and experience for this role.

Demonstrators will be paid £300 for a full-day session or £200 for a half-day session (the only half-day session is Surgical Oncology). Courses are run around 5 times a year, covering various areas of orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery, ophthalmology, Diagnostic Imaging and emergency surgery. Demonstrators are encouraged to pick the subject(s) they feel most confident with. Courses are being run at Bristol and Gloucester.

Expenses, such as mileage, parking, meals and accommodation are not covered for demonstrators, although lunch and refreshments at the venue will be provided.

Miscellaneous roles

There are currently no miscellaneous roles however we are always keen to hear from people who might have an interest in becoming a volunteer, please email volunteer@bsava.com if you would like to find out more about the development opportunities and possibilities.

Regional and Working Committee Volunteers

There are 12 regional committees of members who provide a valuable member benefit of local CPD, currently these are events that are being offered virtually because the current situation and those committees have risen to the challenge of adapting – if you feel that this would be something you would like to get involved with please get in touch for an informal chat and to find out if your region needs new volunteers.

The Association has five working committees who work with departments based at Woodrow House and these are based around the products and services that the Association provides to its members and non-members of the Association.  The groups are Congress, Education, PetSavers, Publications and Scientific.

If you want to find out how you can get involved in either of these groups and would be interested in an informal, no obligation chat with a volunteer from either group to find out what being a volunteer entails then please contact Carole Haile, Volunteers Manager on volunteer@bsava.com and she will arrange this for you.

More information

To find out about the various opportunities or to gain some general understanding of the volunteer community of BSAVA please email volunteer@bsava.com or visit the Volunteer Area of the website.

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