We've partnered with Vet2Vet to launch VETbytes, a revolutionary mobile point-of-care clinical support tool that gives veterinary professionals critical access to the latest evidence-based information. Created by first opinion vets, nurses and specialists, providing the perfect balance of expertise and practicality

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Evidence Based

Utilising the best available evidence including peer reviewed journals, RCVS knowledge summaries, Best Bests for Vets, consensus statements and published veterinary guidelines

Evidence transparency throughout, with links to abstracts and full text articles where available enabling you to clearly differentiate between evidence and opinion
Keep It Simple Summaries

Presented in concise practical summaries, our step by step guides take you through the whole patient journey from presentation to prognosis

Quickly access the information when and where you need it, to make the right clinical decisions for your patient
Trusted content

Created in association with first opinion vets, nurses and specialists we provide the perfect balance of expertise and practicality

External peer review of all topics by at least two registered veterinary specialists

Continually updated


What goes into VETbytes clinical guides? 


Search methods: All topics are researched using veterinary and medical databases including CABI Vetmed resource 1989-current and PubMed for papers in English. Searches used for each topic are displayed. 

Peer review: All externally peer-reviewed by at least two veterinary specialists, providing confidence in the content and reassurance that you are following “best practice” 

Flexibility: Our guides emphasise the management options available, there is rarely a “one size fits all” solution. The risk/benefit for a procedure or treatment is discussed, including cost implications if relevant. 

Transparency: We provide clear guides where evidence allows, but where consensus is yet to be reached, this is clearly stated. Names and qualifications of authors and specialist reviewers are displayed for each topic

Updating process: Content is updated regularly. Evidence for change in a guide that would seriously impact the health or welfare will be updated urgently. New evidence that would change or confirm our current recommendations will be updated within 3 months 

Conflicts of Interest: The creators and funders of this resource have declared no conflicts of interest that could potentially lead to bias.

Feedback: As a new resource we particularly value your feedback. The responsibility for all clinical decisions lies solely with the user and if there is any information in this website that you are unsure about you should cross-check it with alternative sources, including those listed as references.



Our partnership
BSAVA are proud to partner with Vet2Vet to launch VETbytes.
Together, we aim to provide practical, accessible, evidenced based resources for the small animal veterinary community.  VETbytes addresses the need for a mobile-friendly centralised resource of practical and evidence-based clinical guides that vets can access quickly and easily.
We look forward to working with the Vet2Vet team on the current and future apps in the development pipeline.
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