15 of our highly respected manuals are available as e-books to read on screen.  Have a browse and purchase yours below.

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  • Only BSAVA members can purchase e-books directly from BSAVA. You will need to be logged in as a member to view available titles. 
  • On completing your online purchase, go to MyBSAVA > My Account > Access your e-books where you can access the e-book files (Please note: some devices (e.g. iPad) automatically block pop-ups so you may need to change the settings on your device). Please email publications@bsava.com if you have any problems downloading your e-book files.
  • BSAVA e-books are available in ePUB or Mobi (for Kindle) format and are compatible with PCs, tablet computers and e-readers. Most titles have files available that are optimized for use on iPads.
  • Kindle users should be able to download the relevant file to their device using a USB cable, email or online storage solutions, such as DropBox.

Please email publications@bsava.com with any feedback or if you are interested in testing forthcoming digital products.

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