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A survey of antimicrobial prescribing practices of UK veterinarians who treat backyard chickens

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Vets who see backyard chickens as part of their caseload are encouraged to take part in a survey of antimicrobial prescribing practices. The survey is open from 1st June to 1st August 2022.  The main aims of this research project are as follows:

  • To fill the missing data gap in literature regarding backyard poultry prescription practices
  • To evaluate the self-reported comfort level veterinarians have with backyard poultry
  • To understand which resources are most used by veterinarians to find information on backyard poultry
  • To explore which deciding factors are the most important when vets prescribe antimicrobials to backyard poultry
  • To appreciate the most frequently used classes of antimicrobials on backyard poultry and if they are first line
  • To investigate the frequency with which withdrawal periods are communicated to clients

It is hoped that the data from this survey can be used to improve the resources available to vets relating to antimicrobial use in backyard poultry. The survey will not be collecting any personal data such as e-mail addresses or names, and the demographic questions are non-specific to ensure anonymity of participants.

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