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Survey of veterinary professionals’ self- reported confidence and experience of providing support for animal behavioural issues in clinical practice

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Practising veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses in the UK are encouraged to participate in a survey to support a study entitled  “Barriers and drivers for greater integration of behavioural principles into veterinary medicine”.  Behaviour problems in dogs are a leading cause of relinquishment to shelters and euthanasia of healthy dogs. 

The veterinary clinic has an important role to play as a source of credible information on dog behaviour and behavioural medicine as part of a holistic approach to managing both physical and mental wellbeing of the patient. Whilst some vets and veterinary nurses have a good understanding of behavioural medicine, there are many ways in which behavioural principles and support for behaviour issues could be further incorporated into everyday clinical practice. 

Currently, there is a gap in knowledge around the reasons why behavioural principles are, and are not, more fully integrated into veterinary practice. This project will aim to address this knowledge gap through interviews with a broad spectrum of veterinary professionals, and a survey questionnaire. The study will explore the barriers to, and potential drivers for, incorporating behavioural principles and support into everyday veterinary practice. In addition, it will help identify the ways in which behavioural principles are already incorporated. 

Findings from this project will provide robust insights that will allow us to be able to understand the extent of the problem, as well as the different factors which influence the success of incorporating behaviour into everyday practice. These insights will inform development of pilot interventions to support veterinary professionals.

Link to survey: Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management

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