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Popularity of Canine Blood Transfusions and Donor Collection Protocols in the UK

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This survey is being undertaken as part of a final year project for the BSc Veterinary Nursing course, and is open to registered veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons.

The first part of this study aims to explore what fraction of practices are currently undertaking blood transfusions in the UK, by surveying RVNs and veterinary surgeons. Data that is collected will include the practice type participants currently work at, if and how often they see blood transfusions in a 6-month period, and any factors they feel blood transfusions are not currently undertaken at practice at which they work.

The second part of this project will investigate protocols in place for canine blood collection in practices that signify that blood collection is performed in their practice in the first part of the project. This will focus on the protocols in place for the donor such as donor selection criteria, health screening and examination and blood typing; aspects such as equipment and techniques are not in the scope of this project. The responses will then be analysed to see whether these protocols are impacted by practice type or the frequency of transfusions performed.

Participants will not be asked to identify the name of the practice they work at, and will only specify the region in which their practice is located. Email addresses will be collected on an optional basis to enrol the participant in a prize draw for on £25 Amazon gift voucher. Only the winner will be contacted by the email address provided.

The project has been granted ethical approval by the Royal Veterinary College’s Social Science Research Ethical Board (SSRERB), and the allocated ethics approval number is URN SR-2020-0286.

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