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An examination of the factors that influence veterinary professionals’ decision making considering the treatment of myiasis in pet rabbits

Contact Information: mary@girlingandfraser.com
Veterinary surgeons working in general practice in the UK who qualified from a UK vet school.  

This research is being carried out for the BSAVA Masters in Clinical Research. Ethical approval has already been granted by Nottingham Trent University (approval number ARE883).

Supervisor is Dr Sally Everitt.

Background information:

From a previous review of cases (personal observation), it was seen that more than 70% of rabbit myiasis cases were euthanased without any form of treatment. Discussions with colleagues highlighted different viewpoints about the success of treatment, including welfare issues. However, a review of literature did not find enough information to support or refute these assumptions.

The aim of this study is to examine how veterinary surgeons approach the care of these cases. A qualitative approach will be taken utilising interviews with participants. Open answers will be used to allow participants to respond to questions in some depth allowing thematic analysis of responses. A call for participants will be sent out through the veterinary press and social media.

It is hoped that this research will give insight into the factors which influence decision making in general practice, raise awareness of myiasis in rabbits and supplement evidence available for the education of veterinary students in the decision making process

We are looking for vets from general practice, who may or may not see rabbits on a regular basis. No knowledge of rabbit medicine is required for this study as it is more about the decision making process and how vets decide whether to treat or not.

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