To support our members with their clinical research projects, we are now offering a facility where they can advertise their projects to the veterinary community with the hope of gaining valuable insight.

This service is open for BSAVA members only and there are two options outlined below. If you are not a BSAVA member and would like to join, you can find out more on our membership pages.

Option One - Research Board posting

If your clinical research is a small-scale project, student project or includes questionnaires and surveys, please complete this form ensuring your project fulfils the basic criteria. 

Option Two - Research Board posting plus promotion

Projects that are seeking more active promotion to the BSAVA membership, for example through a news item on the website or an article in Companion, will need to provide more detailed information for consideration by Scientific Committee. This is more likely to be appropriate for larger projects such as multi-centre trials that are looking to recruit participants.  If this is the scope of your research project then please complete this application form.

Please email your form to  Your submission will be checked by us to ensure you have self-certified the basic criteria and you will receive notification as to whether your advert will appear on the research board or if it needs more attention by our scientific committee.

BSAVA has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the research studies posted meet the criteria set. If you have any concerns that are not satisfactorily answered by the study team please contact

Do Veterinary Professionals agree with the conclusion of the 2017 Schedule Three survey undertaken for the RCVS?

Company: Jessica Barrett - Harper Adams University
Date Posted:01.08.2020
Jessica is curre ntly in her fourth and final year studying BSc (Honours) degree in Veterinary Nursing and Practice Management at Harper Adams University, and she would be grateful if SVN’s, RVN’s, Vets and Vet med students could take a few minutes to complete her survey . For her dissertation sh......Read More
Veterinary surgeons working in general practice in the UK who qualified from a UK vet school.   This research is being carried out for the BSAVA Masters in Clinical Research. Ethical approval has already been granted by Nottingham Trent University (approval number ARE883). Su......Read More

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2) in the UK

Company: Eleanor Perry - Royal Veterinary College
Date Posted:05.08.2019
Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus type 2 (RHDV2) is a new variant of the classically known rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus. First detected in the UK in 2013, this infectious disease poses a risk to domestic and wild populations of rabbits and hares. There are now 2 commercially available vaccina......Read More
  The University of Melbourne Veterinary School is completing a study titled “The opinion of the veterinary profession on the use of chiropractic and other complementary/alternative therapy in the treatment of musculoskeletal injury and disease in animals“ It is an original research survey of......Read More
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