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Volunteer Voice: Jane Newton

  • 19/09/2018 15:11:00
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Volunteer Voice: Jane Newton

"I graduated from Cambridge in 1985 and I’ve been a small animal general practitioner ever since, but variably full and part time depending on my family commitments and current staffing levels. Where have all the vets gone? East Anglia is a great place to live.

I am passionate about CPD. I enjoy learning and I love my job best when I’m doing it well. BSAVA volunteering has been great. I’ve been a member since my undergraduate days and it seemed like time to give a little back as a thank you for all the great CPD I’ve attended over the years.

We organise a huge variety of lectures and practical courses and everything turns up in the consulting room sooner or later. Our committee come from very varied areas in the Veterinary world. We have new graduates and European specialists, GP’s and pathologists and we all have a lot to offer. Our meetings are over supper in a local hostelry and a surprising amount of work gets done over the chatter and chips.

Why not volunteer for your local committee? You will make new friends, organise the CPD that you want to attend and where you want it to be, and it looks good on the CV when you get itchy feet."

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