Controlled drugs - Northern Ireland

Controlled drugs - Northern Ireland

We have just heard that the Misuse of Drugs Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2002 are to be updated to bring them in line with the provisions already in place in the UK under the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001. This means that from 1st March 2016:-

Ketamine will be moved from Part 1 of Schedule 4 to Schedule 2 to the 2002 Regulations. All the requirements applicable to Schedule 2 drugs, including record keeping, safe custody, witnessed destruction, prescribing etc, will apply to the use of ketamine in research, industry, veterinary and healthcare sectors from the above date.

Tamazepam will be subject to all the requirements applicable to Schedule 3 drugs.

Full details of requirements relating to Controlled drugs can be found in the BSAVA Medicines Guide here > 


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