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This section of the website enables registered users to manage various aspects of their profile information and membership, if they are members of the BSAVA. You will be prompted to log in to the website with your website username and password if you have not already done so.  If you are not currently registered with this website you will need to register to the website first.

Existing BSAVA members who have already registered to the previous BSAVA website can use the same credentials. 

Update your personal information

Within this section you can view and amend your personal information and contact details, including your telephone and email address(es).

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Update your mailing and contact preferences

Manage the way in which BSAVA contacts you and where your member benefit subscriptions are sent

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Manage your membership of BSAVA

View your current membership grade and your membership status

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Manage my BSAVA invoices

View and print off your BSAVA invoices. You also have the option to pay oustanding invoices online here.

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This section will show all CPD activities associated with your account including BSAVA Congress.

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My species and disciplines

Use this section to update your species and disciplines.

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Manage my organisation

This section is where practice managers can manage their BSAVA invoices and administration.  

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Reset my BSAVA website password

Reset your password

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Manage my website enquiries

View the status and any updates on enquiries sent via the website.

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Manage my recent BSAVA membership and Continuing education applications

Manage any BSAVA membership application you have already started and submitted, or any Postgraduate Certificate, Masters or PetSavers grant applications.

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My regions

Your primary region is automatically allocated based on the preferred membership address you select in 'My personal information.' Your primary region will be greyed out in the list of regions displayed when you click the link below. You also have the option to select a secondary region from the list of available regions.

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Access your e-books

Access any e-books you have purchased previously from our online store

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