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Welcome to BSAVA's PDP pages

These pages provide a structured bank of online resources around General Professional Skills & Clinical skills for the veterinary profession.

Whether you are a new or recent graduate, returning to work after a break, an employer supporting a newly qualified graduate in your practice or simply wanting to refresh your professional or clinical skills, we hope you'll find relevant support within these pages.

For each topic, or RCVS competence, you'll be able to access webinars, podcasts, videos, PDFs and web-links, available in a range of timings from 15 to 90 minutes.

A selection of the resources included in these pages is available to non-members who have registered on the BSAVA website. You can complete the registration form here.

NEW FOR 2017: Graduates Ellie and Hannah are blogging about life after graduation; read about their experiences as they start their first jobs in practice.

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These BSAVA PDP pages are under constant review to ensure they remain relevant and up to date. We are currently producing further resources to support all BSAVA members in developing or refreshing their Practical and Clinical Skills. Future sections will include Dentistry, Surgery and Exotics.

If you have a request or suggestion for future content please contact us here.

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For more information about the RCVS Professional Development Phase CLICK HERE These resources are provided for guidance and support only. BSAVA accepts no liability for the accuracy of 3rd party websites. Links to relevant content on 3rd party websites does not imply affiliation with, or endorsement of them.

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