Emotional Resilience for Vets, Nurses and Staff.

The programme is a one-day programme (10:00–17:00 with two coffee breaks and an hour lunch)

This programme is designed to equip participants with an understanding of the role emotional resilience plays in protecting our mental health.  People with high resilience are less likely to develop clinical depression when faced with adversity in their life – and clinical depression is a major link to the risk of suicide.

Emotional resilience is mainly a learned behaviour, the chances are very high you initially reflected the resilience of your parents or early care givers.  However, our level of resilience is not static, and we can take steps to increase our resilience and reduce our risk of developing mental health issues including clinical depression.

The programme is suitable for anyone who wishes to increase their own resilience and develop the ability to help others at work or at home.

 This course is designed for the whole practice team. Participants work in groups and no personal disclosures are necessary – although participants are welcome to discuss private issues after the programme.

Programme Content

Part One: Emotional Resilience

  • What is emotional or psychological resilience?
  • How emotional resilience develops.
  • Why it is not static – you can only say someone is currently high resilient or someone is currently low resilient .
  • Protective factors and risk factors.
  • Risk factors in the Veterinary profession.
  • Connection between resilience and clinical depression
  • Response to adversity – Two roads, resilience or clinical depression?
  • Which road will you go down: predicting who is at risk of developing clinical depression?
  • Steps to take.

Part two: Life skills of highly resilient people

Life skill 1: Become a better listener

Life skill 2: Use strategy to solve problems

Life skill 3: Manage your emotions

Life skill 4: Build personal social capital

Life skill 5: How to access help for yourself, colleague, friend or family member.

This course is run in conjunction with RCVS Mind Matters Initiative

East Midlands Breadsall Priory Marriott Monday 4th November 2019
South West  Engineers House Bristol Monday 11th November 2019
Southern  Beechdown, Basingstoke Friday 29th November 2019
Northern Ireland Crowne Plaza Belfast Tuesday 14th January 2020
Metropolitan RCVS, London Monday 2nd March 2020
South East  Holiday Inn Gatwick Thursday 19th March 2020

West Midlands
Woodrow House, Gloucester
Tuesday 21st April 2020

Scottish  Glasgow Vet School Saturday 9th May 2020
North West  Radisson Blu Manchester Airport Thursday 14th May 2020  
East Anglia  Cambridge Belfry
Sunday 17th May 2020
North East  Wetherby Racecourse Sunday 12th July 2020
Cymru Wales Camarthern Wednesday 14th October 2020
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