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9 February 2021 19:30 - 9 February 2021 21:30

Regions Now: Rabbits - an oblique look at head tilts

Online , Online , Gloucester Gloucestershire, GL2 2AB

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In this installment of the Regions Now lectures, John Chitty will discuss the management of the common presentation of head tilts.  This course will cover stabilisation and will progress through diagnosis of the more common diagnoses (middle ear disease and Encephalitozoonosis) and their management and treatment. Many of these cases do not completely respond or may relapse. We will also discuss the longer term management and husbandry of rabbits that may have reduced mobility or that may show increased neurological signs when stressed
- head tilt
- middle ear disease
- Encephalitozoonosis
- rabbit

The course will consist of pre-recorded webinars available to watch prior to a live digital event (which will include case studies). 

Before the live event
Delegates will be issued with a link to a closed group on the BSAVA Regional website, with access granted to a series of short webinars and associated reading.  Access to this will be from 2nd February.

Live session
The live session will take place on 9th February.  Join us in the waiting room at 7.30pm, for a prompt 7.45pm start.  This session will last 1.5 hours with opportunities for questions and discussion with the speaker.

After the event
Delegates will have access to the online content and discussion forum, and there will be opportunity for community peer to peer, and volunteer discussion, which is an important part of our Regional CPD.

Learning objectives

1. To understand management of the acutely tilted rabbit
2. To know the main differential diagnoses for head tilt in rabbits
3. To understand the diagnostic investigation and treatment of the most common differential diagnoses
4. To understand long term management of the chronically tilted rabbit


John Chitty BVetMed CertZooMed CBiol MSB MRCVS

Intended for veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses

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