Blame and Shame CPD

Veterinary professionals make mistakes but as practicing clinicians the consequences of errors can be serious, not only affecting patients and clients but you too. 

Blame and shame culture surrounds professional errors and refers to the response of the clinician, their colleagues and the organisation when things go wrong. Traditionally, vets and nurses focus on the failings of an individual when they make a mistake and many shoulder much of the blame themselves.  In doing so they fail to recognise the effect of the 'system', missing opportunities to improve processes and compounding the emotional distress experienced by many clinicians.

To tackle this, we are holding joint CPD sessions with the Veterinary Defence Society in all 12 BSAVA regions throughout 2018.

The aim of the workshop is to enable participants to understand and change a blame culture to one of a professional learning in their practice. Human factor principles will be used to identify the true causes of veterinary error and the role of clinical leadership in changing blame culture and supporting colleagues or the 'second victim' will be explored.  

The potential for learning from errors using root-cause analysis techniques will be examined and linked to requirements to the Practice Standards Scheme, providing practical support for changing culture in practice. 

These all-day sessions are FREE for BSAVA members and just £40 for non-members. To find your local event, please see below. 




Region  Date  Location  Booking page 
East Anglia  Thursday 18th January  Cambridge  This event has finished
Cymru / Wales  Tuesday 6th March  Cardiff  This event has finished 
Southern  Wednesday 2nd May Basingstoke   This event has finished
North West  Tuesday 15th May  St. Helens  This event has finished
South West  Tuesday 12th June  Bridgwater  This event has finished 
North East  Sunday 8th July  Wetherby   This event has finished 
West Midlands  Tuesday 18th September  Worcester  This event has finished 
Metropolitan  Friday 21st September Central London  This event has finished 
East Midlands  Monday 1st October  Derby  This event has finished 
Scotland  Saturday 6th October  Glasgow  This event has finished 
Northern Ireland  Thursday 1st November  Belfast  Find out more and book  
South East  Tuesday 13th November  Gatwick  Find out more and book  
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