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BSAVA is run by vets and vet nurses so why not consider becoming a member of the volunteer community? You'd be more than welcome!

Volunteers are motivated for all sorts of reasons, whether it's a feeling of giving something back to the profession, making new friends, professional networking, influencing the direction of the Association or simply being involved with local CPD provision. There are opportunities at many levels and you would need to attend some meetings but some of this attendance can be counted as CPD.

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Why volunteer?

This short video illustrates the benefits of being a BSAVA volunteer and how your involvement can make a big difference on a professional, personal and social level.


Volunteering for the BSAVA opens a whole new world of opportunities where you will learn new skills and meet new people.  Volunteers are the life blood of the Association and help shape the future of the small animal veterinary profession.  Don't just take our word for it...learn more from our volunteers below. 

Hear from our volunteers

If you are thinking about volunteering, why not watch our video and hear from a wide range of volunteers, all at various stages of their career, from students and newly qualified vets to those more experienced members of the profession who still have a passion to help.

Volunteer voice

Every issue of Companion features an insight into volunteering from a regional or standing committee member. Paul Cooper of our South East committee explains the benefits of volunteering...


"Most members start, as I did, by joining their local regional committee, to help organize regional day and evening meetings. Such volunteers also have a voice on the BSAVA Council, both via the Committee and the Regional Representative. This is a great way to meet other like minded, forward thinking colleagues, and learn from them. The opportunities to meet and talk ‘one-on-one’ with internationally renowned specialists are invaluable, and would be very difficult from practice otherwise".


Visit our blog to read more about Paul's experience with volunteering for the BSAVA


Volunteer Posts - PetSavers


PetSavers is the brand name for the majority of the fundraising activities for the Association.  Supporters of PetSavers are a key element in the fundraising activities and we are committed to employing a transparent and ethical approach to all our fundraising activities to allow us to achieve our aim and mission.

PetSavers Aim

To improve the health and welfare of pets by relieving the distress and pain caused by disease for which we currently have no effective treatments.

PetSavers Mission

To fund vital clinical research into the prevention, treatment and /or cure of illnesses and conditions affecting pets, so that our companion animals can enjoy longer, fuller and healthier lives.


Two committees are involved in the work of PetSavers and they work on separate elements of the charity to allow PetSavers to fill its remit. The Chair roles of both these committees become vacant in April 2019 and we would like to fill these roles so that a period of shadowing of the current post holders could take place. Additionally, the post of PetSavers Grants Awarding Secretary is also vacant and applications are invited from people who have a knowledge of a grants process. The post holder would be responsible for pre-screening applications, identifying reviewers and receiving reports. They would work closely with the Chair to ensure that all the information required by the committee was clear and provided appropriately to enable decisions on the awarding of grants.

PetSavers Management Committee's (PMC) remit is to devise, develop and deliver the strategy to promote the activities of PetSavers, in order to maximize the funds raised each year for clinical research.

A subcommittee of PMC is PetSavers Grant Awarding Committee (GAC); its responsibility is to allocate the available funds to clinical research projects, Masters Degree by Research, and veterinary student and nurse projects, and to receive progress reports from current grant holders.

Find out more about the PMC Chair role here

Find out more about the GAC Chair role here

Find out more about the Grants Secretary role here

If you are interested in either role or if you would like any more information please contact volunteer@bsava.com.

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All volunteers have the support of a full time Volunteer Manager based at Woodrow House in Gloucester. 

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