'Top of the Pods': What are the most popular Congress podcasts this summer?

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'Top of the Pods': What are the most popular Congress podcasts this summer?

This summer, BSAVA members have been busy reliving their Congress experience and revising popular topics with the Congress 2018 Podcasts. Here we’ve compiled the most popular video lectures so far...

The Congress Podcasts are a FREE resource for BSAVA Members made up of over 350 audio and video podcasts from Congress 2018. In addition, there is an extensive archive dating back to Congress 2011, meaning resources for members at all stages and in all areas of veterinary medicine. Head to the Congress Knowledge Bank and start watching today!

Leece-Liz 1.    Anaesthesia for BOAS surgery
Liz Leece (UK)
Luis-Fuentes-Virgini... 2.    Feline heart disease: how to diagnose, when to refer, how to monitor, when to treat
Virginia Luis Fuentes (UK)
Kulendra-Nicola 3.    A belly full of fluid (management of haemoabdomen, septic peritonitis and biliary peritonitis)
Nicola Kulendra (UK)
Friday night emergencies (soft tissue surgery)
Ladlow-Jane 4.    Advances in the treatment of brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome
Jane Ladlow (UK)
Brachycephalic stream, STATE OF THE ART
Martinez-Pereira-Yol... 5.    Approach to the dyspnoeic cat
Yolanda Martinez Pereira (UK)
Harrison-Helen 6.    10 things I learnt in the first year of practice
Helen Harrison (UK)
Student Stream
Mattoon-John 7.    Hepatobiliary ultrasound: when and where to sample
John Mattoon (USA)
Abdominal ultrasound
Piviani-Martina 8.    Where is the fluid coming from (effusion assessment)?
Martina Piviani (UK)
Clinical pathology
Angell-Lisa 9.    A capno... What?
Lisa Angell
Anaesthesia and analgesia (VN)
Volk-Holger 10.    Common toxins causing neurological signs
Holger Volk (UK)
Forster-Kate 11.    Making bitch spays less scary 
Kate Forster (UK)
Recent graduates
Mahoney-Paul 12.    I have ultrasound, do I still need to radiograph the abdomen?
Paul Mahoney (UK)
Abdominal Ultrasound
Hammond-Gawain 13.    It’s not all heart: non cardiac thoracic ultrasound
Gawain Hammond (UK)
Martinez-Pereira-Yol... 14.    Acquiring and reading an ECG
Yolanda Martinez Pereira (UK)
Top Tips
Hartley-Claudia 15.    Bulging eyes and dry corneas: managing common ophthalmology conditions in brachycephalic dogs 
Claudia Hartley (UK)
Brachycephalic Stream
Self-Ian 16.    Anaesthesia for caesarean section in the dog; best practice explored
Ian Self (UK)
Boag-Amanda 17.    Respiratory emergencies: a case based discussion
Amanda Boag (UK)
Feline medicine
Leece-Liz 18.    Anaesthesia for patients with cardiac disease
Liz Leece (UK)
Hammond-Gawain 19.    Interactive thoracic imaging
Gawain Hammond (UK)
Edis-Abigail 20.    Rabbit anaesthesia
Abigail Edis (UK)


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