What impact does left-handedness have on veterinary surgical training?

A study at Bristol Veterinary School (BVS) is investigating the impact of left-handedness on veterinary students and/or qualified veterinarians during surgical training. BVS receives requests from left-handed veterinary students for left-handed surgical instrumentation during practical training and to our knowledge there has been no work to date attempting to interrogate the pros and cons of supplying such instrumentation to veterinary students.


The study is inviting a wide range of veterinary students and qualified veterinarians to take part in this research:

  • Left-handed and/or ambidextrous individuals
  • First year to final year veterinary students
  • First year graduated to retirement age veterinarians
  • Qualified veterinarians with and without post-graduate qualifications in surgery
  • Qualified veterinarians across a wide range of different types of clinical practice (e.g., small / large animal / mixed)

The survey can be completed here: https://app.onlinesurveys.jisc.ac.uk/s/svs/what-impact-does-left-handedness-have-on-veterinary-surgical–1