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We are excited to introduce our new programme of online CPD courses – 

We understand how important your CPD is, as well as the challenges of fitting ongoing CPD into a busy working day. That’s why we’ve created our new courses to be convenient, simple and engaging. With BSAVA Learn Online you can dip into your CPD at the click of a button. So whether you’re working nights, overtime, or even in a different time zone, you won’t miss out.

Cost: £130 BSAVA members/£195 non-members (inclusive of VAT)

All of the courses are fully interactive and provide 9 hours of CPD. Meet the speaker through video presentations and connect with your peers in online discussion forums.


BSAVA Bonus Bits:  We’ll also provide additional resources to complement your course. Including related Congress podcast recordings, companion articles and a FREE book chapter from the relevant BSAVA manual. 

Each course will run with a live forum for 4 weeks (with materials available for 12 weeks) and will include a series of short webinars, so you can come and go whenever it suits you.

If you missed the online registration date for a particular course, don't panic! You can contact our membership services team on 01452 726700 to enquire about booking a place after the courses have started. 

For further information and to book your course: 

 January Canine Endocrinopathies: Updates in diagnosis and treatment
of adrenal, thyroid and parathyroid dysfunction
Ian Ramsey More info
 February Backyard Poultry Victoria Roberts
More info 
 March Care of the Brachycephalic dog Jane Ladlow
More info
 April Nutrition: In sickness and in health – Open to all
Georgiana Woods
More info
 May Managing common cardiorespiratory diseases in cats
Claudia Gil-Morales
More info
 June Imaging of the emergency patient using point of care ultrasound
Soren Boysen
More info
 June Setting up nurse clinics – how to enhance your practice
Belinda Andrew-Jones
More info
 July Feline orthopaedics for the GP
Sorrell Langley-Hobbs
More info 
 August Clinical pathology for practice – Open to all
Tim Williams
More info
September  GI Medicine – Managing chronic intestinal disease in dogs and cats    
 Ed Hall More info
October Getting to grips with thoradic radiology    More info
November  Gastrointestinal surgery
Alison Moores
More info
December  Orthopaedics – managing surgical complications    More info



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