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New: BSAVA/Scooby neutering courses

New: BSAVA/Scooby neutering courses
The BSAVA is pleased to announce a brand new neutering course working with Scooby, a refuge for stray dogs and cats in Spain.

This is not just another charity neutering course; it is especially designed for BSAVA members to help new graduates get valuable experience in neutering soon after qualifying. It’s also ideal for veterinary surgeons returning to practice after a career break.

Scooby started out in 1987 as a shelter to provide refuge for stray cats and dogs and the numerous Galgos (Spanish Greyhounds) discarded mainly by the local coursing fraternity in the area of Medina del Campo, Valladolid. Tens of thousands of Galgos are bred annually in Spain in Medina del Campo, in the hope of producing the national coursing champion. For the galgueros it has been an annual tradition to kill their Galgos by hanging them en masse in the local pine forests at the end of the coursing season.

Over the last few years the galgueros have started to bring their unwanted Galgos to the Scooby shelter rather than hang them. Scooby now houses about 450 dogs, mainly Galgos. Scooby now adopts dogs, health-checks and neuters them before finding them loving homes all over Europe.

The surgical facilities at the centre are basic, but operating procedures are expected to be of the same standard you would find in the UK, and you will be supervised by experienced English-speaking veterinary surgeons.

This opportunity will not only develop your skills and expertise in neutering, it will also be very rewarding. If you’d like to get involved please send an email to , or if you’d like to read more please click here  



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